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PT. Nusaterra Indotama Makmur is an Indonesian  company engaged a producer of premium coconut shell charcoal briquettes shisha and briquettes bbq. we owning plantations coconut shell to support the manufacturing division of charcoal briquettes, that's the best idea in the world.

We manufacture and export premium coconut charcoal Briquettes product to various indonesian tradisional markets and asian as well as midlle East and eropean.

We are committed to being an innovative company and actively operating in the international briquettes Shisha Cube  industry serving the needs of partners and building the indonesian economy.  



Our company holds the values of honesty, trust and hard work. with the values we hold we believe that our company and our customers can grow and progress together 


Providing our customer with the best quality, service and value have always been our commitment 


Providing the best quality ​Exhibited throughinternationally accepted certificationsthat delight our respected client , and delivering financial results that meets the investors expection 


Charcoal briquette drying The resulting charcoal briquettes were dried in an oven at 60°C for 24 o'clock . These dried charcoal briquettes then put in a desiccator for a while. Cell desiccator and stored in a room with a temperature of 20°C with relative humidity 65% for 7 days

The high density of raw materials will produce charcoal briquettes.with high density. Coconut shell with higher density than Meranti Red gives an increase in the density of charcoal briquettes as the composition increases coconut shell on charcoal briquettes. The high and low density of the charcoal briquettes produced is influenced by one of them by the density of the raw material. The density of the resulting charcoal briquettes.has met P3HH and Japanese quality standards (except treatment A)

The maximum temperature and time of the carbonization process also play a role on the high and low volatile substances in charcoal briquettes in addition to the specific gravity factor raw material. Longer coconut shell carbonization process time (2.5 hours)made more substances evaporated than Meranti Merah (2 hours)

When choosing the right charcoal briquettes, you want to make sure that the charcoal you choose burns long and hot enough to produce perfectly cooked meat. you can order at briquettes charcoal manufacturer at here.

In order to produce premium quality charcoal briquettes, fiacoco Briquettes manufactures these briquettes from quality ingredients to provide the bold and smoky taste that BBQ lovers crave. This product also burns hotter and lasts longer than conventional products.

Charcoal briquettes price, these charcoal briquettes ignite easily and reach cooking temperatures quickly. It also produces very little ash during cooking. odourless and long-lasting flame.

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