World Best Quality Charcoal Manufacture, Supplier And Exporter


World Best Quality Charcoal Manufacture, Supplier And Exporter

PT Nusaterra Indotama Makmur  is a producer of coconut charcoal briquettes with production indonesia west java. in early 2006 plantitions supply to charcoal seller and then in 2018 we established a company to independently market to trade focus on selling export quality briquettes.

As Manufacturer and supplier of charcoal briquettes, we a produce premium quality charcoal briquettes shisha and briquettes bbq in indonesia.

state of the art techniques are applied to delivery only the highest quality product, coconut charcoal briquettes are also included in our supply chain, we guarantee you get premium coconut charcoal briquettes, without the premium price tag. Our current market share covers European, the midlle East, America and other regions. 

Our Vision

To become a growing and leading company in the world. Indonesian Commodities / Products Dedicated to providing superior value to customers, shareholders and employees.

Pt Nusaterra Indotama Makmur can realize this vision only by following its responsible Practices to ensure the sustainability of all resources, and the well-being of the Community in which it does business 

Our Mission

1. Increase local and global market share

2. Using modern machines in the field of new product development  

3. Improving the quality of human resources through training

4. Delivering sustainability commitments across all operations

Where is charcoal made? We contribute to the Indonesian export industry, and have a positive impact on the world by involving every aspect of society and also improving the standard of living of Indonesian coconut farmers 

Our Values

Team work can be seen in our Events. We believe in Individual Respect, Strong Leadership, Trust & Social responsibility 

What WE DO

Buil networks and cooperation farmers who are members cooperatives 

West Java is capable of producing 92,414,000 tons of coconut per year, with an area of 153,348 hectares from smallholder plantations, and 

coconut shells in large quantities. because this type cab be a very valuable business comodity if it is processed into briquettes.

However, the majority of Indonesian coconut farmers only have a small number of coconut trees, so shell production is low and farmers find it difficult to enter the briquette industry.

​Therefore, we facilitate coconut farmers to join businesses based on a cooperative approach to enter the briquette industry. Coconut farmers who are members of the cooperative sell coconut shells to the West Java Cooperative which meet the requirements for materials and export quality

This business provides financial benefits for the cooperative and coconut farmers. Non-financially, this business provides social benefits for farmers who are members of the cooperative, because the cooperative buys farmers' charcoal at a better price, which is higher than the market price. In addition, the farmers will also get profit sharing from the cooperative. 


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