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are professional charcoal briquettes Manufacturers export quality with affordable price

We make briquettes charcoal bbq of the highest world-class quality. The charcoal we We make comes from the industrial waste of making agricultural and factory waste. So the charcoal briquettes we make are very natural without chemicals, guaranteed safe for household use, cooking, heating to the beauty care industry.

charcoal briquettes price of bbq briquette charcoal that we offer is the price for traders or sellers. The price we offer is very cheap. Prices will be adjusted to the material according to customer needs. Custom Request Shape Available.

Our charcoal briquettes price are flexible and negotiable. Because we prioritize Quality so that customers can re-order.

For shipping abroad, we will help with the required documents such as export documents, Safety Material data sheets, packing lists and others.

For overseas shipping we can send to Asia, Europe,  Germany, Canada, Spanyol, Middle East. We will assist you in shipping overseas.

We are very experienced in overseas export shipments. Delivery time will be adjusted according to international vessel schedule.