charcoal briquettes manufacturers
Foto : Fiacoco Briquettes

We have 10 years of experience working in a coconut charcoal briquettes manufacturers company. From this factory, we experienced and learned a lot how to make the best coconut charcoal briquettes for Shisha or hookah, charcoal briquettes for Barberque, charcoal briquettes for industry and charcoal briquettes for restaurants.

We are experienced in how to make the best eco-friendly natural charcoal briquettes without chemicals, we are always a resource person for agriculture faculties in West Jawa, how to produce coconut shell charcoal from raw materials to the desired finished product according to the demand of buyers from Kuwait, coconut briquettes charcoal buyers from Turkey, UEA, France, Spain.

Each charcoal briquettes buyer from Indonesian charcoal briquettes manufacturers such as Middle East, Europe and USA markets have different flavor requirements for charcoal demand. In some countries the demand for raw materials must be adjusted to the regulation of safe materials.

Each country has different character and quality of order. With our Knowledge for more than 10 years and producing export-quality natural charcoal briquettes with best charcoal briquettes price, we know and can advise about the types and characters of buyers in Asia, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Russia and more. Our shisha charcoal plant produces with the capacity of 200 tons per Month.


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